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Subtopic "Bioeconomy and resource allocation"

Mikroalgen-Photobioreaktor, Foto: KIT

The increasing demand of biomass for different needs (food, feed, materials, chemicals, and fuels) and the decreasing arable land per capita are fostering land use competition and unintended tradeoffs. The research in this subtopic aims to provide solutions to this challenge at different scales. The concept and potential of the bioeconomy as well as the political and financial frame conditions to implement this concept will be analysed. Sustainability indicators will be developed and applied for the integrative assessment of the impacts of the resource allocation attributable to the development to the bioeconomy in Germany. In this context new approaches to produce biomass or use biogenic residues and wastes as well as innovative technologies for combined biomass and land use will be assessed and concepts to integrate stakeholders in the development of bioeconomy regions will be investigated. The expected achievements for science and policy advice towards a more efficient biomass use will help to improve resource allocation within the bioeconomy and to guide sustainable land use at different scales, to support the design of technologies to foster the use of biomass and agricultural land, and to develop integrated strategies for the establishment of bioeconomy regions.